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Died in the wool

I am getting really, REALLY tired of the whole zombie fad. Zombie this, zombie that, zombie makeup, zombieland, zombie pot pie, etc. I'd be surprised if White Zombie sales didn't get a bump from this nonsense. I guess, though, that everyone jumping on the zombie bandwagon shouldn't be that surprising, since zombies are essentially just the ultimate iteration of sheeple. It'd be at least more entertaining if they weren't Romero zombies. There are other types of zombie out there. The 28-days-later zombie, for example, is actually scary. Not as scary as the molestation-trial-Jacko zombie, but then again I look nothing like Macaulay Culkin so what am I worried for?

I'd like to see a Frankenstein's monster fad. I didn't really like Mystery Men, but "Casanova Frankenstein" is the absolute coolest name for a villain there ever was. How about a gorgon fad, or a harpy fad? How about a Werewolf fad (oh wait), or a Creature from the Black Lagoon fad? A Godzilla fad? Why don't we see these around? It's because these creatures had personality. It takes creativity for someone to dress up as a big Kaiju monster and smash over a tilt-shift backdrop of Duluth with a flaming Elvis guitar-staff, but putting some latex-scar and L7 ripped shirts on and stumbling down to the mall has all the almost-originality of a flash-mob and all the scariness of the Munsters. Then again, I don't have the time to do anything of the sort so I guess I also don't have the right to complain. Baa-ck to the mall, you mimeographic monstrocities!

Anyway, I greased a palm and got my hall pass. I just need to do some serious cleaning in my domicile and prep myself for the ordeal that is dropping the dog off at the boarding place (seriously, it's like Linda Blair on a leash). I hope there's a bar at or near this hotel, I could use a drink like an alcoholic in denial (which I am NOT!!)