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I got back in at about 5:30ish (I think) because I left late. I'm getting sick again. I'll be miserable by morning, I'll wager. I can tell -- my throat's been acting up since I woke, and my stomach has been upset all day too. It's the standard harbinger. I always get the same sickness.. starts with the throat, then to the stomach, then to the head. I hope I'm well enough by thursday so I can tour the center.. Orientation's on the 19th, and I think registration's just afterward. It'd be nice if somebody emailed me about it.. I'm hanging in the wind, here..

My new table got rained on some on the ride up here. I hope it didn't get messed up. I'll let it air out tomorrow on the porch and go to the hardware store to get some stains and go to work. I've never finished a wood piece before, so it'll be something new.. 'nothing quite like the feel of something new..'

I forgot my little 'to-do' list when I visited, so I didn't get anthing done.. But, I'm going back next weekend for my mother's birthday, so I'll do it then.