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take it all off

I finally got the help of Cougar and his rich friend to help move my motorcycle from his house to my apartment. It took the three of us to wheel that thing into my living room and park it in my dining room. In retrospect it's too close to the kitchen door, but for now it's okay. I'll be able to start disassembling it bit-by-bit and refinishing all the little pieces via either acid-wash, or reverse-electroplating (once I build a bath for it), or blasting, and then either anodizing or spray-painting -- no more powder-coating, that was a complete rip-off.

My mother decided she wants to spend the weekend again, without my sister. She'll be coming over the weekend after FF so I don't know how busy I'll be then, but I'm sure it'll be okay at least.

I've really got to get things moving around here. I've been sick for weeks now and my head is just all over the place. Also I can hardly keep from coughing when I breathe deeply, or try to speak loudly. I feel like I've been chain-smoking cigars. I hope it clears up soon, or someone's going to call the pound in Waterbury and have me put down. Speaking of that I've got to wash that thing.
Tags: family, fursuit, motorcycle, wounds

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