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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

bum rush

Yesterday I got hassled for money by two different bums. The first was a skulldragger who had hassled me several times before over the weeks. He came up to me while I was outside eating lunch and started talking and I just waved my hand out in a dismissive 'fuck off' manner as I was listening to my music and couldn't hear him anyway. He got all angry and started giving the typical bum 'you don't even know what I wanted' thing to which I just said 'money or food', put my headphones back in and kept eating. He started jibberjabbering his little bum-dance and then fucked off cursing me. He came about 8 inches from my head-butt range; I have ALWAYS wanted to head-butt someone in the mouth to see how much it would hurt my head but never got a legal chance, although I might just get the opportunity if that guy comes back again.

Second guy was at least more polite. He came up to me and told me that he was displaced from "new or-leeens" and blah blah. I told him that nobody from new orleans calls it 'new-orLEENS', and kept walking. I guess that kind of thing can fly in Baltimore but since I was born there I wasn't an ideal sucker for that particular line.

Turns out it was just my cousin, his wife, and two kids staying the night last night. I was again reminded why I should never have children. Still it was good to have him over, hadn't seen him in forever. Back to the grind. On the work side, my boss is pushing super-hard to publish one of my projects in a much better journal that I had envisioned him going for. That would be just so nice and work well to help actually get me a decent gig after this place..
Tags: baltimore, family, work

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