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I went to go see Reverend Horton Heat and Motorhead last night at the 9:30 club in D.C. with Cougar. He drove, thankfully. We took the metro into the heart of the city, in little Ethiopia of all places. The place is rather small but pretty good nonetheless. Apparently not so good if you happen to be under 21 though, as they are forced to the basement to watch the show on TVs beneath the pit. The sound system is rather shitty though, and my ears are still ringing somewhat. I spent three hours beating my fists into the concrete walls, failing to knock them down but ripped my knuckles up well enough. Nashville Pussy was on stage first, but we arrived too late to see them. I've seen them before about 10 years ago and they put on an okay show, but it's nothing to sweat over missing. Horton Heat put on a mediocre show himself, honestly. Motorhead was better, but the sound guy muddied up the mid-range and the vocals were difficult to parse.

Cougar noted that the show looked like a furry con due to the enormous number of Hot Topic clothing models running around. I agree but I would say furry con mixed with biker rally on nitrous to prevent inevitable head-smashing. Far less jugheaded greasers, thankfully. After the concert we got Taco Bell and I passed out with a mondo headache. Today I have a hangover and the knuckles of Mickey Rourke. Rock.

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