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cast the die

I just got back from getting my bike back from the tow company. Much thanks to Cougar for letting me stow it there until I can put it in public storage, or sell it on eBay or maybe just keep it strapped in the back of my truck..

As it turns out my landlord had been calling the tow company for weeks trying to get my bike towed away, but only after threatening the tow company with canceling their contract got them to come by to get it. All this time he did it without just asking me to move the bike, which he knew was mine from the rental agreement. I drove down to Laurel and hammered together my old bike trailer, and found the bike had a dead battery, and so couldn't ride it onto the trailer. Luckily a couple of tow employees helped me push it on and strap it down. I paid $550 for the week it spent there, which was actually way less than I thought it'd be. But I missed most of a day's work and probably screwed this weekend for it.

I'm going to see about probably having the bike detailed and then sell it as fast as I can. I don't like riding this bike here and don't want to spend money insuring and soforth for two vehicles. And I am going to fuck my landlord up, really badly. I don't know how and when I do I won't say, but this doesn't end here.


Sep. 5th, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
At least it wasn't technically stolen, right?

You were in a dream I had when I took a nap this afternoon. I think you were sitting at a bar, saying something cynical, so obviously it was wildly out of character, but you know how dreams are.
Sep. 5th, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Well technically it was shanghaied by a peckerless sociopath with a powertrip all the way to Wallyworld, but legally no it was just towed to the junkyard because he knew I couldn't prevent him from doing it.

My appearance in a dream is apparently not such a sobering thought I I'd have figured but it could be worse: it could be in the waking world! *cue ominous mood music and someone shaking a long island iced tea* brrrrrr.