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hotel..? driving ..?

I'm trying to order a new motherboard and cpu to replace the ones that fried so many months back when I installed a new Gigabyte 7DXR. It worked fine, then 2 days later my board, power supply, and cpu fried. (maybe even my HD and memory.) So, this time I'm ordering it and having a pro install it, and also, I'm buying a UPS to make damned sure no spikes throw 450.00 down the crapper again. I'll need my comp up and running by the time I move. Stupid website won't script my checkout. It keeps logging me off when I try to pay for my order. Maybe I shouldn't use again, since their board is the one that fried, but their prices are substantially cheaper. At least I'll be getting an upgraded cpu. I'm pretty sure that the apartment I move into will have high-speed internet (t1, hopefully, like my last one).

I need to get my bike seat replaced - it got ripped up in the bed of my truck taking it back and forth from school, and the seat trapped water anyway. The new one's gell-filled, so it won't trap water. I'll have to get into the practice of riding, b/c I'm planning on riding it to class every day. Galveston's a small island, less than 100 blocks long, so I could ride it all over town, really. I have to get into shape for my divemaster cert, so since I'll be doing that and going to the gym every day, I'll be getting into shape more.

I guess I'm gonna book a room at the Adam's Mark for 5 nights for Anthrocon. It's almost full, and I can't trust splitting one w/someone at the last minute. I'll see if I can get someone or some people to chip in and split it with me. $550.00 is not easily digestible. I'm not a big fan of rooming w/someone, but I'll do it if I can save $250.00.
Now, I'll have to decide if I'm flying or driving. From Galveston it's about 1500 miles. that's about 220 more than last year, and it was about 24 hours total driving time. I'd have to spend the night in a rest stop twice if I drove. Not a big deal, but driving isn't all it's cracked up to be. If I drove w/someone, that'd be different, but nobody's going from the Texas area that I know. Flying would cost about 220.00 round trip, and I'd have to stay Sunday night in the hotel b/c no flights until morning. If I drove, the gas would be about 220 - 240.00, and I could leave sunday night and sleep in a rest stop on the way home; of course, sleeping in a rest stop isn't an option if I drive w/ someone. Not enough room in the truck, and nobody'd be willing to do that. Basically, flying is the better option, because I'd end up saving money, and I wouldn't have to leave a day early and get home a day late. And -- no Driving! I'd only be gone for 5 days, not seven.

I washed out my scuba gear finally. found my dad's old fins. Now, the only thing I use of my old stuff is my mask and snorkel (and Im getting a new mask soon.)

Not going out tonight, looks like. Oh, well. I was kinda looking forward to it. Sort of.
Maybe I'll go to the rent-all to see if they rent welding stuff. I might need it to weld the sheet metal.

Does anybody even read this ?

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