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gotta lotta captain in him

I've been on a real Skinny Puppy flashback tear lately. I'm digging their album from a year or two ago, and I realized how weird it is to have an iPod with only 2 SP albums on it. So I grabbed around 10 more out of my old case and am ripping them now, along w/ some old Ministry and Tool, TKK, Zombie, KMFDM, some things I don't even recall the name of but the album art tells me it's good, and most of all I'm pulling in my old My Bloody Valentine CD. That brings me way back, maybe too far back. I don't care. I've had such a shit week that I want to fall through fifteen layers and lie with the shards. As long as there is music I will lie anywhere with anything, until the music stops and it's time to go home, drained but still incongruent. Last night I finally took the bottle of liquor from two years ago out of the car and gave it a good stern talking-to. It talked back though, mouthy as hell; guess who won the debate between him and me. Well, not me.

I also found out that the for-pay AIM app for my phone runs in the background whether you want it to or not, and so is sapping my power like kryptonite. I hear good things about the Beejive app, but it's 10 smackers. The new trillian app for iphone should be out soon, as I hear the beta is testing well. Maybe they won't suck so much power out of my phone and I can dedicate more juice to sending the world live videos of my amazing life.
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