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They just opened a new center on campus, complete with gobs of prepackaged subs/salads/etc., and a cafe above it. It's beautiful. And the Thai chicken is awesome. Finally something new and attractive on this campus. I bought a couple bottles of orange-flavored seltzer water. After 5 minutes of gross, I became equilibrated, and it's pretty good.

It's officially time to switch my hosting company. I guess my email is down again, bouncing emails. It does it from time to time, after getting outsourced from my previous hosting company. I need to find a cheapo but reliable host. I don't put more than a few gigs of pics online anyway, I don't need much in the way of tech support, just a little bit of reliability that I won't miss all the reminder emails that I need to actually pay my bills.

I'm thinking of bringing my AirPort Express to work and, if I can, using it for an ad-hoc wifi point on my work computer to allow me to use my iphone to receive IMs and news updates while I'm in the lab. I'm kind of tired of getting my text messages several hours late when I leave this Faraday cage I work in.

I picked up my glasses today from the jeweler, after they re-welded the earpiece back on. I tend to fall asleep with my laptop on my chest while I lie on my back and surf, and while most of the time I wake up with the laptop still on my chest (guess I don't roll much), sometimes I don't and I guess I rolled over and snapped the damned piece off again. They welded for 45 which is way cheaper than replacing them. Almost good as new, anyway. I asked the PearlVision guy, who adjusts them for free as professional courtesy for the welder, if he could make me a pair of glasses which are shaded on the top half and not on the bottom. He said for 165 he could do it, it'd take a week or so. I'm probably going to go for it. I'd love to have my "fuck you I'm working" glasses idea come to life, where I can see what I'm doing on the bench just fine as I look down for that mostly, but when I'm in the hallways I'm looking forward and don't have to make eye contact with and give the goofy Elliot Spitzer smile and nod 20 times per day to people I don't really like. Yup, I'm antisocial. At least, I am with the goobers I work with.



Aug. 23rd, 2009 07:50 pm (UTC)
I think the 165 was for the new lenses, they'd color them for free or at least cheap. I need new lenses anyway, especially for those old frames b/c I can't see well past 10 feet away with those things on.