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stuff today

I went to Wal-mart to return CIV III because it's broken and fucks up my computer whenever I try to load it, and they tell me that I can't return it, only exchange it. So, I got Microsoft flight sim 2000 (maybe it'll help me get training for when I finally start my pilot training in about a year) , CIV II (maybe it'll work), and some Shogun strategy game. We'll see.

I found this morning that my dog had pissed on my brand new couch. I can't believe the restraint I showed. I wanted to, and almost did, snap his neck right there in the living room. But I didn't. I've taken his food and water away and will feed/water him twice a day now, like I used to, and he sleeps leashed to the bed. He will never learn, I have accepted. He will have to live a somewhat miserable life because of it, though. I suppose I should make an appointment to get him neutered, now. *sigh*

I got my pictures developed today, and the first one has nothing special, just some foggy pics of my sis, her bf, and their dog, as well as some family pics, a couple disturbing pics I took of myself when I had long hair and no clothes, and one pic of the inside of my cruise ship room. Just one of the whole cruise, and it's of the damn room. I can't find the professional one I bought of me and Scott snorkeling. My disposable camera photos, however, had a couple good pics. I finally got that picture of me and Sascha Konietzko from KMFDM while we were talking after the concert in New Orleans (I really like the way it made me look, almost attractive), and shots of Ricci&Kelley and Trey (all at the concert). I'm gonna scan them all.

I've been scanning all my good furry prints and comics and I'll be burning them to CD soon. No, I won't be pirating them, just keeping them on CD incase I ever sell the comics or they get messed up somehow. I'm doing the same with all the photos my family has (approximately 5000). It'll be a long job..

Tomorrow morning I leave for Baton Rouge again, and I'm going to my friend Lena's party saturday night in Harvey. Long drive, but it should be fun. I'll get some prescrips filled, and get my truck washed.

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