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I was offered $110 for my old iPhone by, which was in the upper 3rd of what people were offering, so I went for it. They wrote me back to say they'd only offer $65 for it due to scratches and so forth. I told them I knew how they play their game and 65 was about what I expected their real offer to be, so it was fine. I got my check quickly, but it took a couple of weeks to deposit because since I canceled my check card I can't use the ATM. I hope BofA gets their own version of the USAA app which lets you deposit checks by taking a photo with your cellphone.

Also, finally submitted a manuscript last week, and am awaiting the lovely coal-raking revisions process downstream to it. I'm considering writing a review but honestly I don't know if I have the energy for it right now.

I accidentally broke my glasses again and so had to bring them in to be re-laser-welded at the mall. In the meantime I broke out my way-outdated backup pair which don't fit well at all. I tried boiling them to straighten out the earpiece, but that only worked a little. I tried gently heating next to the bunsen burner, only to singe the hell out of them. Oops. I'll be glad to relegate them once more to the deep. I really need to get another eye exam but don't have the time.

I really wish I'd jailbroken my phone months ago. Just customizing the various screens on it was worth it, but the various apps are pretty neato as well.

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