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Through the rind and down to the seeds

Oh man I hope the rumors of an apple tablet are true. I've been dreaming of a tablet since I was a kid and read a story in Heavy Metal about some futuristic dystopia where people would be murdered in alleys for their organs and cyber-popes ruled the sunless cities with an iron fist. People paid exclusively with 'credits' and they used some sort of pad to do all their transactions, sometimes with thumbprints. Mad Max meets Blade Runner meets DS9, before any of those were written. Probably half of HM's stories are of this variety, and half of those are soft-core porn; I love HM. I hope to herald the day that we finally get a good dystopia going. The coin keeps teetering between Huxley-esque and Orwell-esque but either way, it'd be a fun ride down. Anyway it's not as if I need another portable device, I've got two notebooks and a smartphone, but honestly the Macbook pro is too big for traveling and the netbook was a waste of money as it's so damned slow and the screen is too small and poorly contrasted. The phone is great for a phone and and iPod, but for other things it's still sketchy due to ATT/Apple restrictions on the developers. So:

I just (finally) jailbroke my iPhone this afternoon. I'd been afraid to because the neverending iPhone software update/jailbreak software catch-up cycle seems too short to make it less than annoying, but to hell with it, I wanted to see how green the grass is when there isn't a fence around the yard. I'll see with time. Stupid instructions from Wired had me backwards and I had to do a full restore (20+ gigs) which takes forever. I should be able to tether the phone to my laptop and/or netbook now, and maybe get some MMS going. It'd be worth it just to be able to download 10+Mb files over the air, which is something mighty Apple doesn't allow, even over 3G.
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