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Earlier this morning, around when I woke up (the first time, anyway), it was 09-08-07 06:05:04.321 . I use this format for my notations at work, and begin every filename I generate with the date like this, because all my files reside on a fileshare which has data from dozens of postdocs and students going back for maybe 15 years and it would be difficult to keep of what we do otherwise. We have a ridiculous amount of organization in this lab, with everyone working 4-7 projects at a time and producing 2-6 figures of data per week of work. My section of the fileshare has a filetree going something like 8 levels deep in some places. It's ridiculous. Actually just for the hell of it I expanded almost my entire fileshare section (one section out of maybe 5-10 my boss reads through every week) for you to see. I didn't show the actual files in the directories because I label them very (maybe too) descriptively and also it would take perhaps 30 full screenshots to include them all. Mine's a tad bigger than most of the other ones because I inherited some projects from other previous guys and so need access to part of their fileshares as well.

I ought to be paid as an administrative assistant just for keeping this thing in order.

Oh and by the way, essentially 100% of these directories and files are represented in the real world via a library of binders and sheets, most of which are printouts and data (dried gels, films, CDs, DVDs, printouts, photos, etc.) assembled together and kept in sequence in my boss' office, and it doesn't count my own small personal collection of protocols and manuals I collected from grad school and a few relevant pathway charts which I assume most dudes in my job keep next to them.

This is all from a guy who can't even keep his bed made or organize a spice rack.
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