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Car 54 where are you?

I just got back from the Murrland MVA to get my drivers license. I've lived here over 2 years and never did it, mostly because I am totally lazy and have an aversion to civil service. But after getting those two tickets I figured I'd better get on the ball. It took 2 hours, and the picture is quite awful (actually it's me that's awful, but my last TX DL was taken when I was 23, and now I'm 30, and time isn't on my side). At least my motorcycle endorsement carried over (for an extra $45) so I'm good for 5 years. Now I need to fix my ABS system so I can pass inspections and pay some $700 in MD double-taxation for my truck and get registration done. I got a thousand that says that 2 months after this is done, I get another job out of this state.

Yesterday coming home from work some jackass pulled onto I-95 going 45 right next to me, and so I tried to pass him and let him go in behind me. No dice, he started racing me side-by-side. So I started riding his ass, and he pulled out a badge in a billfold and waved it at me. I (like the really smart guy I am) kept riding his ass because I was pretty pissed and his Honda is no match for my Silverado. He got up next to me and started cursing and yelling at me to pull over, but he didn't look like a cop. Unfortunately, I don't know what detective badges look like in Maryland, and if he were an actual cop, I'd go to jail for no registration on the truck. So begrudgingly I backed off (after waiting until he was stuck in the next offramp and couldn't chase me) and took the long way home. I hate to back off to what was quite possibly some jackass Housing inspector or whatever, but If I had bet the wrong horse, I'd be in jail now. So I guess I need to look up what MD detective badges look like and if I ever see him again, I will full-on Dale Earnhardt his ass into the railing and call it a day.

Anyway. I went to Lowes and picked up a sweet digital caliper for work/play, down to 3 decimal places. I hope to put it to use as my old one is rusty and slips too much. Also I bought a lovely pickaxe handle to keep in the truck in case of .... false arrest? hehe.
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