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Picks of pix

I had lunch Friday at the Harbor with a friend of mine who is visiting from BTR for a conference at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Museum gunman and Metro trainwrecks aside, it should be a good time in DC, I suppose. I took a cab there from the lab because I knew I'd bitch less about spending 15 bucks then 45 minutes walking in the heat and traffic. The tapas were okay except for the suboptimal amount of clam-shell I ingested. My friend gave me a copy of the first Discworld book series, which I've never read because I don't read, but I'll give it a shot.

This one was done a couple weeks ago from a guy called Scape the goat:

It was only 25 bucks and I think it looks pretty fancy, probably done with photoshop, laminated and he sent me two offprint badges which his printer bonked on but still looked good.

I dunno if I showed the one before that, by Darzi as part of some kind of 'movie' theme they were doing. My favorite movie is Big Trouble in Little China, so:

And one several months back (can you tell I was trolling FurBid?) I had another one made by Demon Pachabel who's pretty good, but good luck finding them online.

I had a few others done as well as several icons, but you can see the icons on LJ and the other commissions are either missing or kinda sucked so I won't post them.

I'm finally starting to pack for AC and get some work squared for my absence, but we'll see how either of those go.
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