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Got my new gloves this morning from Oh Canada, all sticky with maple syrup. They look great, but holy mackerel are they tight! Putting them on is like fisting a midget who's allergic to Crisco. But I got them on after a couple of minutes, and once they're on it's great, because they're not all floopy so I can actually use my hands. Not for knitting or performing a Whipple procedure or anything, but I can operate my camcorder and flip people off, which is really all I cared about. That's pretty much all I was waiting on to pack, except for some safety pins, and I can get those at Target.

Some opinionated people posted some rankings for crimeyness nearby so I thought I'd take a look:

America's 20th and 5th most dangerous neighborhoods are about 4 blocks and a mile from my job:

Baton Rouge is 12th most dangerous city, NOLA is 11th, Baltimore is 10th.
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