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That's my queue

I just got back to work after standing in line for my new iPhone. I've never seen so many people in an Apple store before. They were super-nice though, as you can imagine. A couple people from Chik-Fil-A were selling biscuits in the line but otherwise there was relatively little zaniness. I haven't gotten a chance to try the phone more than for 5 minutes but I honestly don't care about most of the new features anyway. I just want all those gigs for my music.

This day's going to last for-e-ver because I don't have much to do except write a paper and I am procrastinating quite badly. I have eaten shit for 2 years to get to the manuscript stage of this particular project and now I'm subconsciously looking for excuses to put off writing. It's absurd, but no more so than the meandering that the project went through to find some actual meat. I so badly want to shut the door on the whole thing, but I know it only branches out from here, so respite comes only in the schadenfreude of thinking how the next postdoc picking up this project will wonder why god hates him so much.
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