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fast forward paws to play

Miraculously the replacement fursuit paws I ordered are done just in time for AC:

These were made by Beetlecat. My original ones look good but are way too floppy-floopy to use correctly. I found that if I use my scubadiving/hunting neoprene gloves as inner liners, the old ones will sort of fit, but I'm sure my hands would be like pot-roast after suiting for an hour in them. I still don't know if they'll arrive by AC or what. Hopefully..


Jun. 17th, 2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
My old ones had pink pads on the fingers as well, I think it's better for seeing what's going on with my hands. In pictures, black fur makes it look like big blobs on the end of my arms, so pink kind of shows up with more contrast in pics..

..you insensitive yellow bastard!