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My dog woke me up with that characteristic eye snot thing, and puked twice on the floor. Guess the allergy thing's going on again.

I was thinking of riding my bike around some on campus and seeing what's what. The Pharmacology/Toxicology dept. invited me to look around some next week, and the chairman wanted to talk, so I guess I'll take them up on it.

I watched Hannibal last night, and I enjoyed it. DVD's are pretty neat-o. It made me feel better.

....I rode my bike around, and could NOT find the field house.. where the hell is it?

I saw on MSNBC tonight that the Baton Rouge serial killer finally made national news.. Bout time. I'll be in town on Friday, and I'm going to go to the locksmith to have a new deadbolt in the kitchen keyed to replace the broken one. And I'm going to check on my mother's .38 to make sure it's in order. I should buy some hollow points for her, but the slugs she has now are okay. I hope she keeps her doors locked all the time.

I'll bring my 9mm with me so nothing'll happen while I'm in the house. I hope they catch that guy's making me uncomfortable having my mother and sister there. I should impress upon my sister more to keep her doors locked, but I know how stubborn she is. And she hates guns, so that's out. At least she's got a boyfriend who's probably there all the time.
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