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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Little boys and littler men

Discussion recently about pedophiles and how we react to them has been interesting, and I have to say I almost enjoy when something very controversial happens within a group of people I know, because it gives me an opportunity to see how they react to it and get a reading on what sort of people I associate with. I've been pretty saddened by the way some people have behaved in discussions and what I've learned about their personalities and fetishes, and otherwise pleased by what I saw in others. For example of the good, Redregon essentially kicked somebody off of his friendslist over being a defender of pedophilia (although I think that post and/or comments may be gone now), and that surprised me because he's such a hippy (no offense man, heh) and made me wonder if there were people on mine that might defend it as well.

Since I'm not a hippy and absolutely not about peace/love/happines, I feel rather sad both that I haven't said it before and that I even might need to say it, but let me take this opportunity to ask politely that, if you are a fan of child pornography, either with real people or with cartoon people or half-people or whatever, that you just take yourself off of my friends-list today. No hard feelings, no posting about you after you do it, just get out. I don't mean to include people who don't like it but merely might defend the existence of non-real child pornography, simply because I haven't been convinced that it shouldn't be protected against censorship, being a fake-something, and censorship is always something that I need convincing of. But actual fans of the stuff are quite the sort of people I don't want to know or to know me; I am convinced enough that they are unfit for many things, most of all being the hell near me.
Tags: furry fandom, furry fandumb, rant

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