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Just another federally-funded bailout

The chairman of our department (my boss' boss) just came by to ask me to fill out a form which will switch my funding from wherever it is now (one of my boss' RO1s) to a departmental NRSA training grant. Eh, whatever, I guess. They'll lose the funds if they don't give them to someone, so by switching me they save my boss some money I suppose. But it looks like they might be giving me a raise according to the numbers, either 2.7% or 11.4% depending on how they play with non-salary funds. Still it adds up to postdoc beans, but maybe I could upgrade to Bush's Baked Beans (or maybe Obama's is more appropriate).



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May. 26th, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)
Hey man, take it where you can get it. 2.7% is nice, but 11.4% would buy alot of baked beans.
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