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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

It's only a paper crown

My mother flew in to Baltimore on Thursday to visit, just leaving yesterday morning. She did it ostensibly for my birthday, but I believe it was not insignificant that over Xmas I told her that I wasn't going back to BR until Thanksgiving, and she wouldn't see me until then unless she finally came here. Absence makes the point -- 'Go yonder.'

Anyway we visited DC and did one of the tour bus things all day, eating at Union Station. Not bad, but I didn't think it'd take all damned day. On Sunday we went to Medieval Times restaurant. I took video with my jobby but the swordfighting was awful. I knew it would be, so I didn't fret any. I was kind of annoyed, though, that 'silverware hasn't been invented yet' there, and yet D cell-powered glowlamp magic wands were being hocked like guinea hens during the fight. We got a couple of pictures, me wearing my CBLDF "save smut!" teeshirt (classy) and a paper black and white crown signifying who it was we were supposed to be cheering on.

Since it was my 30th birthday it means that 9 days ago it was 15 years since my father passed away, and 15 days ago marks the point at which I've lived most of my life with only one parent. I don't know if that's truly relevant but at least it's not revenant. (A little birthday/zombie humor for you - I like to give presents more than receive them).

I might go see Star Trek this tonight if they have a late show of it and if I have any time after work. Cougar, if you want to go give me a call later.
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