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What not to buy and what not to steal

I'm considering getting a small camcorder for making quick video capture (as opposed to making caramel sundaes). I can't decide between an HD camcorder or SD; normally I would just say HD all the way, but for the same price as a Sanyo WPC-CA9 or WPC-WH1 (30x optical zoom) I can get a panasonic SDR-SW21 with instant-on/record (very nice) with only 10x optical zoom (all are waterproof to ~3 meters) or even a Panasonic SR-S15 (look how friggin tiny it is). Or I could just save a couple hundred and get a Flip Mino HD which isn't any of those things but it's cheap and super-simple. I'm not getting a fancy $600+ job (like I am always wont to do) because it'll sit unused forever and my friends/dog/penis/local cop-freakout will likely look just as good on YouTube no matter which I suppose.

I read a lot of blogs, several dozens, and online there is relatively little truly 'new', especially when people are all trying to find the 'new' and comment on it before the other guy. One of the blogs I read is "Scoutmaster", which is a blog about scouting, and another is "Cool Tools", which is about, well, ..duh. Or at least it used to be, as the quality has dropped considerably and most of the stuff there isn't cool, or isn't a tool. I personally think Kevin Kelly must've stopped doing the legwork himself several months ago, and that's why
it's poor.

Anyway, long story short, someone posted an 'article' to Cool Tools which looked really familiar to what I saw in "Scoutmaster" a week ago, so I used "WCopyfind" (a really simple and free software to find similarities b/w two files)on them and he had plagiarized just under 50% of the article, so I called him on it and posted proof on my website. Internet vigilantism aside, I think people should be called out for copying and taking credit, especially when it's a big blog taking from a little one where nobody's likely to notice.

As an aside to that I recently started writing again just a bit, on fiction-type things instead of the poster I'll be presenting at the Cancer Research meeting this weekend in Denver (although damn I hope I finish this thing by tomorrow), I'm looking to maybe publish the little story in a pub coming up in the late summer; if it gets published I'll let you know, and if it doesn't get published I'll either delete it or maybe post it up here for your viewing. We'll see.

A bit of news that noone else will care about is that the historical martial arts organization I'm a member of has had some really big troubles over the past several weeks with important guys leaving in droves, several in the past couple of days. I've written to find out just what's really causing all of this turmoil, but sadly I'm fairly certain I already know. I don't know how many goodbyes I'll have to see before it ends, and I don't know what it'll mean for the big gig going on in August and, for that matter, afterwards.

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