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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I hired a cleaning lady (or ladies) to come to my apt every couple of weeks to undo the utter devastation that I wreak on my abode by living in it. It was surreal to find everything arranged and clean when I showed up after work. It is difficult to afford such luxury, but I consider it an enormous weight off of my shoulders not to have to deal with cleaning this place (or more accurately, not to have to feel guilty about not cleaning this place) anymore. They even organized my onions and garlic in a row on the toaster oven.

I've been looking at cars recently, on eBay mostly. I paid for an inspection of a car a couple of weeks ago but the seller is being flaky and it hasn't been inspected yet. I'm considering looking elsewhere, but it's a shame as the price is relatively low and it's local. I'll figure it out soon enough, as once I decide that I want something, it usually becomes mine one way or another. I'll probably sell my bike and biker gear afterwards, and then decide whether I want to sell the truck or not as I've got a few different people interested in it, rough as I've made it.

I found another hippy-dippy supermarket the other day, and they sell a few types of miso paste. I tried to make miso soup with it, but it tasted very wrong. I may have made it too weak; hopefully I'll find some version that tastes correct as I used to make huge things of miso in TX for dinner for cheap and I'd like to do it again. Nearby was a Chinese restaurant, and I could tell it was authentic SE asian because there were at least 4 different varieties of chicken foot dishes there and like 12 different varieties of cream-jello things and half a dozen mochi-esque insulin bombs all lined up in the buffet. Next time I want to wreck my pancreas I'll pay the $15 and just eat the sweets as those chicken feet didn't look too filling. The worst part was the pan of nasty crawfish labeled as 'baby lobsters'; that, as cougar would say, is a lobstrocity.
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