Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Age is just a number

Bad news, speed balls. Lux from the Cramps died a few days ago. No more Cramps shows ever. I got to see them once and they put on a really good show.

So I drink wine now, or at least I buy it now (I drank it at old-people parties il y a longtemps but never bought it). It's okay, but it's kind of pricey.

Your credit score may have changed on Thursdsay, so check up on that, even though the new scores might not be visible to consumers (I haven't figured it out yet). Honestly I haven't yet but I'll do it next week. I still have those psychos at Texas Gas Service trying to bill me and threatening to cut off my (nonexistant and non-used) service on the apt I haven't seen in 1.5 years and is likely eye-level with Ike soup. Carazzy, man.

My truck is starting to go downhill a little bit lately. My cat converter is broken, which doesn't really mean that much since I'm never going to get my required emissions testing (or registration, or whatever else this state wants me to get). Also, the front right tire is all Ben Hur with the radial wires sticking out of the sides and I had like 1 quart of 8-month old oil in the pan the other day. If I get pulled over and ticketed with this thing, I'll just craigslist it and buy another one, it would be easier than trying to polish this turd.

It's creepy to find out someone's put up an article on you on some website without your knowledge. Maybe I've got a stalker; additionally, somebody got a bot to email them when my website changes (good luck -- it hasn't updated in like 5 years).
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