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bring it to a close

My flight Sunday back to BWI (always through Atlanta), got delayed by an hour.. then two.. then it got cancelled. They couldn't put me out until the next morning... at 5:30 AM. I went back to the house in driving rain, and just layed about since I couldn't really do anything. I got up at around 3:30 AM, and got to the airport. Got back into BWI at 10:45 and went straight to work. Picked up my dog and truck, altogether $400+ to stow them both for the trip. This is why I'm not going back to BR until next Thanksgiving. It's just not worth it, not by a longshot.

My boss meets with me tomorrow (supposedly) so I've worked around 24h the past two days to finish 'last minute' shit I couldn't get to before I left. I haven't had a shower in 48h, and tylenol doesn't fix my headache anymore. Fuck science, man.

I've got to pick up the myriad packages I got for Xmas (from me mostly, and from others), along with the others to come, from the UPS store sometime soon. And then, find a place in my apt. for them all. I'm going to be throwing old shit out big-time so's I can make room and also pare down and give myself less 'stuff' to think about and fix and clean, etc.

At least I got to see my Baton Rouge friends (most of them) once, and it'll have to do for awhile.