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Cognitive bias

Man oh man Xmas is always so expensive.

At least I've gotten my shop-fu down pretty clean, thanks to Amazon and various free-shipping schemes for the major online vendors. Still, ouch.

It's when I come up with a list of things for Xmas that I remember just how much I have to invent to placate my family so that they might buy me things. I don't perceive any sort of lack until I make that list; after I make it, though, I perceive the lack acutely and I suddenly miss things that I never did before. It's like making up a list of parts of your body that it'd be a bummer to have itch, and suddenly find yourself squirming until someone else scratched you. I've spent a ridiculous amount on things for myself recently that I didn't perceive a need to get before I started making up a list of things for others to get me. Bizarre and laughable. On the upside, my new TV is fuckin' sweet.

Ah, December.
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