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Motherfucking upgrade up in this bitch, part LXIX:

I got a lil crazy and ordered about a month's pay worth of stuff for my apt. 3 rugs, another dresser, a second dog bed for the living room (the biggest dirtying factor on my carpet is the dog just lying in the same spot on the carpet), a bookcase, a TV stand, and doormat plus a few other minor things. Also I ordered HD cable from Verizon (FiOS) instead of this Comcast charade I've been humoring these past months. About the same price (high) but the number of channels is much, much higher.

This weekend my TV died. It's a huge 28" CRT I got for my 20th birthday. Suucks, as I was not planning to buy a friggin TV right in the middle of all the other things. But I promised myself I'd replace it before I moved again, so I'm doing it. I'm looking at a 40" Samsung LCD. Consumer Reports recommends it and I trust them. But it's an entire month's pay all over again. It better last at least 10 years like this CRT did.

I'm also going to be getting rid of my fishtank and fish. I was thinking about how to clean up and make things easier to maintain around here and for some reason only now it dawned on me that that 30-gallon mass of pond-water I keep in the same room I prepare food in would serve me better being gone than being present. So let it be a present for someone else, and save me from feeling bad when I make excuses not to clean it. Also it will free up a lot of space in the kitchen for my toaster oven and doily collection.

Also, it just started snowing up in hurrr a few days ago and is getting Cold. I had my old box-spring in the bed of my truck just outside my door to throw out (finally) when it started and my neighbor came out and threw a tarp over it (guess he thought it wasn't trash). It's weird to experience altruism in this area of the country since I've become accustomed to the basal level at which it has established its equilibrium. But it was pretty cool.
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