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Wedding trip

I flew in to BTR Friday morning for my sister's wedding. I was the designated chauffeur, so I rented a big grandpa Cadillac land yacht with all the bells and whistles. Her wedding went very well, despite some things being a little last-minute. I got to see my cousins (both sets) and various other people. My sister and mother behaved themselves appropriately for their stations, as did I. No problems with factions or fractions, and in the end it didn't cost me nearly what I was afraid it would.

I had to go to the rehearsal dinner and sit with several of the groom's family who I don't know and can't remember even now, except that a couple of the ladies joined the ranks of the 'surgery people', as I call them because they are the whack-jobs who after interrogating me about my job and receiving an answer which I think will placate them, will delight in telling me in detail about their hysterectomy, prostate biopsy, water-head grandbaby, or similarly god-cursed family tree in a grotesque and protracted manner, all during the time when I'm eating my fucking dinner. Always when I'm eating do I get the story of how some pensioner with a pack-a-day and a stutter was gutted like a catfish, complete with color commentary Madden would envy; to be fair though, it would take a model T crank to turn my stomach, but I would like to have just one meal on my trips home without having to nod and say, 'yeah, well that's cancer for you...' with a mouthful of pork-loin.

I even got to see a couple of my friends briefly, although not as much as I wanted due to various assigned tasks such as showing the collection of guitars in my bedroom to my cousins while trying to hide everything else I keep in that room.

I didn't get to bed last night until about 2 and had a 7:45 flight, so I was Nick Nolte-ing it at the airport the next morning. Almost missed both flight, but I pulled through.

My sister flew first class to Hawaii today, I flew coach through ATL with great aunt McTilt'n'fart and the autistic wonder child on his first airplane ride. yaaaaaay. I got back in at 2 and am working again until about 10.
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