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a tappet cousin

I've been thinking recently of buying a new car. Not a new car, but a different car. I've been looking so strongly at small, new, very fuel-efficient hatchbacks, and they look .. okay, but I'm used to my pickup truck and all it's room. I've slept in that truck more than a week, no problems, filled it to the brim with boxes and clothes and dog and whatnot, towed my bike and soforth, filled the bed with all manner of junk, and I'll miss it when it's gone. But it's not necessary anymore as I don't haul or tow often anymore, and I don't trek on south Texas dirt and beach and hills anymore either.

I've been thinking very recently of selling my bike as well. I don't ride it to work as I'd planned to as the roads here are quite unfriendly to bikes, and it's fucking cold here (for me). Plus, trying to use the card-stile in the parking garage is a total pain in the ass on a bike. I never should have bought that bike; I really enjoy riding it, but I should have bought a used bike, not a new one. I spent a year's pay on that thing when I should've spent only at most a third of that. But it's what it is. I recently stopped insuring it anyway.

I've been thinking of, instead of that little late-model hatchback, getting a car which will not depreciate like crazy. I'm thinking of getting a more 'classic' car, like a 60's-70's sedan. I've been trolling eBay and finding that I can get an (almost) completely restored, ready to ride car for about what I would get for my bike, especially so when including the truck. I'm not sure how feasible it is, in terms of increased cost of gas and/or insurance. Safety would be a concern too, if it were a concern. I'm still thinking it over and of course, have time to think it over. My Grandfather had planned to give me his old 1980 teal green F100 to restore for fun, but my cousin wants it for his new job. I told him to please take it at least temporarily, but warned him that it's not going to drive like any pickup he's tried.
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