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Red Dwarf Menace

So the Chinese sent up a spacecraft yesterday to do space-things, such as do a spacewalk, eat some space kung pao chicken, and.. oh yeah, formally convene the intergalactic branch of the Chinese communist party. Good for them, I guess. I wonder if they shot fireworks or if that would've been in bad taste.

Speaking of the Chinese: their agency, the Chinese National Space Administration, has an interesting logo:

hm... kinda reminds me of something, but I can't remember what. Anyone else notice?

United Federation of Planets logo:
United Federation of Planets

CNSA logo:

Starfleet Command logo:
Starfleet Command

It's nice to know that somewhere, hidden deep in that bloc of Motherland there are some hardcore Trekkie Communist party-animals.

I'm really surprised nobody has commented on this yet.

Also, have you heard they're making a four-part Red Dwarf special? Awesome.
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