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you know, boxes and shit

I have had moderate success with assembling my new furniture. I ordered it 2-3 weeks ago and it finally arrived on the 4th evening to my UPS store. They were unhappy due to it taking up half of the storefront, and I picked it up in my truck the next morning. Hurricane $H arrived in MD area that day and so it was raining well; I picked up a tarp and loaded the ~500 pounds of MDF into the truck, which took so long the boxes got a little wet. After work I hauled them all into my apt (holy shit, that was not fun), and unpacked everything so I could get the boxes back into the truck so as to have any room whatsoever to work (Crate and Barrel somehow aquired the license to pack everything in patented Pandora Boxes (TM)), and after all that I was bushed. I found that the bed was missing screws, and since I already disassembled my old one and was not about to sleep on the floor, simply nailed the thing together.

My NatureMill electric composting machine is working pretty well so far, about two weeks in. It turned the little sawdust pellets to humus within a day and it eats my Wendy's leftovers with much less digestion problems than I can. I started putting turds in there yesterday, so we'll see how it does its scheise routine.

I bought some Miracle Berry pills recently, but haven't had a chance to try them out. I'll probably go to the grocery in a day or two, and I'll get some grapefruit and lemon and see how they taste. They were NOT cheap, so I hope they are at least interesting.

My family in Baton Rouge is only partially with power, after a little over a week. Generators abound, though, so all is not lost. I keep up with BR local news television online and it's sometimes good news, sometimes bad. I actually used to enjoy riding storms out when I lived there, but maybe not that one.

Nothing much else going on here.

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