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I've a couch now..

I bought a couch today, $500. Grey two-cushion canvas. Nice, just needs some scotch-guard and a steaming for the wrinkles. It was a bitch to get in the 20something blocks back home and into the house. But it's there, and I covered it with a sheet until I can buy an electrocuting mat to keep my dog off of it. I've caught him on in already once. He also jumped up on my 400-threadcount sheets when I turned my back on him. I've shocked that dog far too much, and yet obviously not enough. I think the next step is neutering. I hope his misbehaviour is because of the company, and their little puppy, but if it doesn't abate soon, I'll do what I have to to keep things in order here.

We saw 'Signs' tonight. It was actually pretty good, despite having Mel Gibson in it, and despite what I'd heard about it. Except that we had to sit in the front row and everything was distorted, and I've got a migraine now.

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