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gods of fire

I payed this guy 2 bucks a couple of weeks ago to draw me something, and finally, he got it done. I might pay him again, but I'm sure it'll take at least a couple of months this time, as he's gotten to be pretty popular (with good reason, his little doodles are super-cheap and funny).

The other day I had a little kitchen fire while I was making dinner. I was reheating some good ol' KFC in my relatively new toaster oven, when I noticed a little fire inside. That happens from time to time from grease I don't clean out on the floor in there. But quickly it rose and coated the back and sides of the thing, and acrid smoke was pouring out of it, along with the smell of burning plastic. It had turned into a kiln, which was not cool for my chicken to say the least. I had an out-of-date little extinguisher on top of the other oven, and felt a little bad having to break the seal on it as I squirted it all in there (I took the chicken out first) and after several tries got the fire out. I had to blow out the apartment for half an hour to get the smoke all out. I still ate the chicken (it's KFC; it's not that I would taste the difference); but I think I should prolly get a new toaster oven, maybe one that doesn't have a 'holocaust' setting..

In my continuing effort to "motherfuckin upgrade up in this bitch" I'm planning on getting a new bed (not a mattress though, as I sleep sideways and I kind of like the valley I've managed to compress into mine) and maybe some steak knives. I was going to get a TV but Jesus McSqueezus they cost a lot of money now.
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