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A few days ago someone stashed a bomb in my parking garage, so we were forced to park in the ge-he-tooo and walk to work. I had incorrectly assumed it was another murder when the cop wouldn't tell me what was going on. I guess I should've known; they don't put up police tape anymore for just murders (that stuff's expensive).

I bought a brand new set of silverware the other day, and I feel sad in saying just how pleased I am that I finally have silverware that isn't part of my camping gear or didn't come from a packet with salt and pepper packets. I still had remnants of the set from my first apartment rusting away in the drawer, some with dog chew marks, some with inexplicable corrosion, some with bends due to me being attacked with them; I'm tired of my cutlery succoring woe, so I'm tossing it out. Now I need to deep-six all those Hong-Kong market bowls and flea-market cups I have rattling around in the cupboard. I ordered a table and chairs from a Mod distributer, and contrary to their policy had them delivered to my UPS store box. I'm tired of eating on a coffee table, it'll be a big change eating at an actual table, like at a restaurant every night.

Supposedly my mother will be staying with me for a night or two while she tours the country visiting her brother and nephews in Atlanta, so I really need to "clean up in this beyotch" as Martha Stewart says.

PS, Wez, I have an 'old' computer that probably works fine sitting in my apt getting ready to hit the dumpster, do you want it?