Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I never update; here's why

I have to give a presentation tomorrow. Or on Monday, depending if I feel like and actually can push it back.

I've been doing animal work for 3 days now, with 12 hour timepoint making me stay until 12:30 last night, and 11 the nights previously. I am sick and feel awful. I've done, by my estimation, 100 western blots in 5 or so days, and it's put me really no closer to anything.

I sent my sister some expensive gourmet Mexican food for her birthday yesterday, but I have no idea if she even likes it. Hopefully, she does. If not, her dog probably will.

I guess I'll hear some fun from my boss tomorrow, and go downhill from there. Then I'll try to go to bed early (unlikely since I'll be stuck here until late, probably), and get up early again for Thursday.

I wish I could just simply not go back to work on Monday. or ever, I confess.

EDIT: well I sweet-talked my way into presenting on Monday instead.

Boss liked about 50 of my blots, the other 30 or so not so much.

PS. I'm leaving for AC tomorrow at around 11, will arrive maybe middle of the afternoon. But then again, it seems like NONE OF YOU GEEKS are even going so.. eh. My cell number is in my profile if you want to get a beer up there.
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