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7/4 time

Eh so after I talked with silversledge yesterday I began to think about how I should look into possibly starting to meander towards getting ready for AC in a few weeks, only to check online and find out it's actually in 7 days (oops). So, I suppose I should get shit together pretty quick. This is what happens when you reg for a con a year in advance, you tend to forget when it actually is. Luckily for me packing light has become a science, and uniquely for me it's one I'm pretty good at. But I do need to board my dog and before that get her rabies vax up-to-date. And probably mine too, considering where I'm going. I don't know how I'm going to wrangle my work around so quickly but I'll just figure something out I suppose.

I found a cherry double waterbath at work which was put in the 'junk' pile to be taken away, and I got the OK to haul it away (along with anything else I find there) for me to refurbish and flip on eBay, where there's a mediocre but present market for shit like that. If I trolled the various freight elevators in this place I could probably pull in a few extra G's per year with little effort. It's never effort that I lack, though, it's time.

Also I've been listening to music much more lately, old things and new things. For the past 2 weeks I've been listening to Wir Sind Helden so much I can pull the lyrics from memory. I'm more and more often found with headphones on, whether or not anything is actually playing on my phone.
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