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small world after all

I had one of my stocks drop about 50% this week. Yeah. That's pretty much it for me listening to what some guy on CNBC has to say.

I'm considering working as a tutor with one of the online tutoring services, to make some extra cash. I will have to think about how much free time I would have to devote to it, and how long I could tolerate dealing with the problems of others. But I do like the idea of the extra cash being a mercenary would give, to offset my gasoline habit.

In other news, I found out that Disneyworld uses fingerprint readers to prevent you from selling your unused ticket to someone else. One day I think you'll need to show your fingerprints to take a shit. Actually I guess you do right now, since Disneyworld is about as nice and shiny and sweet-smelling as such (in this reader's humblest of opinions).

If anyone knows where I can get a really high-quality domino mask, especially a place that has a choice of colors/sizes, I would appreciate it. I have crime to fight and folding my teeshirt up over my head makes it hard to eat.



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Mar. 15th, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)
I have one that's dropped 20% (nearly overnight!). My original research on this company still has my conviction that its still a best of breed in a very bad neighborhood full of panicmongers. I bought more on the drop!

I'm sure it'll be terrifying over the next 3-6 months watching this stock's volatility, but I think given a 1-2 year timeline, it'll outperform mightily! There's definitely still a high risk, but some major financial catastrophe has to hit the *whole* economy before I bail.
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