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Was it Yentel or Fiddler on the Roof maybe

I got caught behind some douchebag on MLK drive today who had a baby dreamcatcher hanging from his rear-view mirror. I thought it was a woman, because well, fuck it was a dreamcatcher. I was honking my horn and yelling 'come on dreamcatcher!' to try to motivate them to accelerate a little, but to no avail. I was a little steamed about it until I passed them in the toll tag area and found out they were a 'man'. Then I loled just a little bit.

Dream catcher dreamcatcher

make me a snatch

find me a man

catch me a catch

I think that's how it goes, someone correct me if I'm wrong. Never correct me when I'm wrong.

I guess there's a lot of dreams to catch on the I-95 expressway, it's a dreamy place. Also, Martin Luther King jr. street -- another particularly dreamy area, one whose dreams just have to be caught lest they uncharacteristically not come true. I would love to get a wallpaper made of one of those things with a big mess of scalp caught up in it after someone kissed the divider pylon while driving like a hippie douchebag. THAT would be dreamy.
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