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Collar's in.

I got my shock collar and fancy dog bone today! Actually, I happened to notice that it was laying on my neighbor's doorstep when I was getting my mail, and grabbed it. The collar's cool as all hell. The transmitter's about the size of 2 matchbooks, and has a range of 250 feet. The collar's small too. I gotta get a new battery, though. It'll save me a lot of hassle and help keep my dog in line. He doesn't seem too interested in that bone, though; I hope he chews it, though, because it wasn't cheap. The bed will be coming in soon hopefully.

I stabbed my finger today with a needle from my baby cactus, and I had to slice it open with a razor to get the piece of needle out. It's all inflamed now, and hurts when I type. I hope it gets better soon.

My sister and her boyfriend will be getting here tomorrow around 4ish, assuming they don't get lost. I was planning on smoking some sausage and chicken, and making potato salad. That is, unless, they wanna go out to eat. I wouldn't mind going out and seeing some of the places around here. And hopefully we can go visit some bars, too. They also want to go see 'signs' and they're going to see some punk concert sunday in Houston, which I guess I'll go to also, even though I don't like the band.

I really gotta get this place cleaned for them. It'll take about an hour tomorrow morning.

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