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I deposited a check from my old bank account to an ATM of my new Bank of America acct on the 24th, and they have put two separate holds on it, so that some is unavailable until the 1st, and the bulk of it is unavailable until the 5th. Is this kind of bullshit normal? My inquiry got a response that it was Federal hold guidelines. I never had that kind of hold time on any other bank account before. Seems pretty ridiculous to me. BofA has been really slow with moving money around, at least for me. 4-day transfers bank-to-bank, 1-to-2-day transfers WITHIN the bank, account to account, 3-to-4-day transfers from savings to brokerage accts WITHIN the bank? WTF is that nonsense?

I'm finally, finally going to set up a retirement account now that I work at a university that has them available instead of those tax-sheltered annuity jokes that UTMB had. Here they have employer-contributing accounts.... for everyone except post-docs. Post-docs here don't even accrue leave/holiday days, which might be par for the course for all I know. However there are 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) available here, as well as both types of IRA available to whoever wants them I guess (since they're not through the employer). I'm waiting to get the email address of my investment guy so I can ask his opinion. I guess it's no real rush since it's only January but I'd like to get the ball rolling.
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