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Just walk on by

I walked into work today with my ID clipped to my belt as I always do, and as happens with the short security guards from time to time, they didn't see my badge. I had my ipod running and so had deniability as she kept calling 'sir!' 'sir!' about a dozen times as I smilingly strolled (actually I never smile in the state of Maryland) all the way past them to the inner door. There, she walked up to me and I feigned ignorance and stifled schadenfreude as I turned towards her and pulled out the earbud, and she saw that I had an ID all along. She paused for a second as if expecting an apology for making her chase me, and stared back at her until she turned and I went to work. I heard her the whole time, but just wanted to make her uncomfortable and unhappy. I hate the security guards here, especially the women. Sometimes when I actually eat lunch I eat in near another guard station and see how they treat people who don't have their IDs high enough so the guards don't have to turn from their phone conversations to see. Also they pretty much hate all whites who don't look like bosses as far as I can tell. Therefore, I really love to make a point of pissing them off whenever I can because I've been in a confrontational mood for awhile now, and really what the fuck can they do?

I got a call from Scot(ty Too Hotty) on the way to work telling me that in Petsmarts in Indiana, they sell descented skunks. I got the call because I have a 'skunk thing'. Do we not all have skunk things? Did I miss some memo? The latest email circular? I haven't been to the dentist in awhile, maybe I should mention it during a checkup? Maybe it's metaphorical. Or maybe I should try a new aftershave.

I bought a new motorcycle helmet this weekend, a full-face one. Really expensive, so I had better get my druthers and start riding to work again. I can hear my headphones in that thing so I'm rather pleased, even though it may or may not be a little too big. Whatever, it's better than freezing my face off or dropping almost $100 per week on gas.
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