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bricks and brooms

I made a large pot full of jambalaya for the xmas party at work. The party was rather big and everyone who doesn't talk or smile or look at me in the halls was talking and smiling and looking at each other, eating the food. There was a lot of food, and they ate mine up good enough. I was complemented by someone about it and how it's so great that I'm from 'New OrLEENS' and I should've made something with 'crayfish'. I couldn't eat any of it after that and maybe should have thrown the jambalaya in the toilet. But at least I didn't have to bring it home.

I'm going to BR tomorrow and staying until the 26th. I didn't expect to be able to get that much time off but, to be fair, I actually didn't. I'm just going and kind of half-expect to be employed when I get back.

I was thinking how, in the interest of fairness I think that we should have a National Association for the Advancement of White People, since there is one for black people. But most of the people who have told me, independently and over the years (a hefty cohort in retrospect), the same notion, were actually kind of awful people and maybe awful enough that sharing just one notion with them would simply annihilate any ethical merit I had. So I think a compromise could be, that we should have a NAAWP, with a single office in, say, Lincoln, Nebraska, staffed by a single guy whose job would be to sweep up the broken glass and thrown bricks and to apologize over the phone to the incoming callers. That's it, essentially. Maybe, in 2315, if things change, they could get a real staff and a logo and a PayPal account. I would feel better somehow if there were a building there, next to the chimneysweep federal credit union (free checking) with a dude sitting behind a desk and answering what would on further reflection be feasably only one out every 75 phone calls, and calmly shuffling over with a broom and dustpan to the front door once an hour, maybe making little brick-sculptures in the break room or a domino-run in some kind of psyche-revealing swirls.

oh, I feel that Xmas spirit again.
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