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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

wag the dog

Also, I posted a comment to a comment in the fursuit community regarding the creepiness of someone's icon, and it along with the whole subthread was deleted. And the mod asked me not to use the icon I'm using now because it was her 'naughty' icon. o_____o

Oh shit, I'm using it now.

I stole most of the icons I use, it's fucking livejournal after all.

Goddamn this fandom is full of sensitive-types.

The creepy icon is here:


I'm flocking this post only b/c I don't want our glorious leaders at ljabuse being sic'ed on me by the fandom mafia.

Jaguar did you save the thread before it was sanitized?

EDIT: somehow this post got deleted from everyone's friends' lists after I flocked it, so I just set it as public, actionable as it is.
Tags: furry fandom, furry fandumb

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