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So, it's november.  I, although thinking once or twice a week about quitting my job and moving to somewhere far away and never coming around, have at least come to terms with it and accepted that this is the way my mind will function now, and for some time.  I think I will never like this job (not even a little) but I don't quit things so I'll stay here until I'm shitcanned or until my time is up.  It's for the best really (someone's I suppose).

The ARMA International gathering 2007 write-up is now online, and there are a few pictures with me in them.  I'm not mentioned by name (even though I did help teach one of the classes) but nonetheless my fat and furry facial affront is there for all to see.  (HINT:  I'm the guy with the sword lol hilarious).  Seriously I didn't think I looked so chub back then, given that it was only a month or two after AC and I looked much thinner then.  Oh well, as they say (or should; I just made it up):  you recline, you decline.  I like the picture of me putting my choke on somebody, it's wallpaper-worthy.

I'm flying to BR next wednesday, at a cost of THIRTEEN HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS AND HOLY CHRIST CENTS.  Expedia, I'm losing faith.  I'm flying first-class for two of the 4 flights, as it was only like $150 more than flying in coach during what is possibly the shittiest travel day of the entire year.  Plus, I'm only paying for half the cost, so fuck it.  I've spent thousands on airfare this year, what's another thousand?

I ruined my laptop a couple of weeks ago on the way home from my friend's wedding in NOLA.  I was going to work (seven hours after 8 straight in transit) and accidentally knocked my plastic coffee cup with the corner of the macbook, and the corner went through the container and gooshed coffee all into it.  It's at the apple place getting looked at (along with all my porn, assumedly).  I've been using my cellphone for internet browsing, and fourchan looks like a postage stamp on that thing.  Hopefully it'll be fixed before my flight home, because first class would be rather boring without watching some sort of DVD, which is the only thing keeping me from jerking off in the first-class lavatory.
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