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in the details, hiding like a mouse

I am continuously thwarted by a simple midiprep over the last few days. It won't yield. It is possibly one of those areas that make you think that there is still room for god in the world and having figured all other factors away I should simply admit it wasn't to be, and try to obviate the whole thing. This being Friday I'll put it off until Sunday to come in and do something to hopefully restore my belief that there is no god, having pried him out of that phenomenological cranny through toil and perhaps stumble back into some firm footing.

Tonight is fucking ice cream and cigarettes and if I'm lucky an early bedtime.

Tomorrow if you live in the Baltimore area you might see my dog Freya on the news on WBAL, I'm not sure when. Unfortunately I can't tape it so I'll probably miss the whole thing.



Aug. 13th, 2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
I'm strongly considering it... My only problem with going is that I can't miss work, but if I can go without doing that I want to try. I guess I could drive up there with Cougar or we could all go together or something.