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steam cleaned

I was going to make a post yesterday about how it felt good to finally get my hands wet at work, after spending what seemed like an etermity unpacking boxes and filling out paperwork. Actually I'm behind schedule because I didn't have stocks or half-done experiments to complete so I'm kind of blank and in the lag phase while everyone else here is getting into the log phase. But, today I amlost blew up the autoclave and it kind of put a damper on everything. I hate that model of autoclave, it's old and will engage the pumps when the seal is not complete, which makes it sound like an H-bomb being screaming down from a B-52 right on your head. And I've seen WWII submarine doors that took fewer turns to get tight (and they push way more pressure). Oh well, at least I turned a few heads.

And I Finally got my bike off of the trailer and parked into a spot. Thanks to Cougar I can actually start it without waking everyone up and probably getting kicked out of my apt complex. I need to get some new rearview mirrors and I should be good to ride it to work, hopefully sometime next week. That will be much easier for gas.
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