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I uploaded all the pictures from Anthrocon onto my website, but then I remembered that I would have to link them individually because I can't just link the directory for some reason. So I uploaded to my .Mac account (like 5 clicks, seriously) and voila.

Here is the link.

These are some of the best pics, but there are a lot more (mostly from Cougar as he's better at taking pictures than me). For some reason it was a little fun to pretend that I had no idea who that skunk fursuiter guy was, but okay: it was me. Also I forgot to thank Redregon for acting as spotter for me and Coug for so long before he had to leave to commit some sodomy with his boyfriend (thanks guy, hopefully we'll see you next AC). Not pictured in those shots is Sparkles, for reasons unknown.


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 27th, 2007 02:21 am (UTC)
Re: The face says, "Come here for a surprise."
yea I knew brining a 'man-purse' would make me look like a pansy. But I figured it would help me hold up the tail on my fursuit (before I actually looked inside and found a loop on it to do just that). But that fanny pack is so sexy I might just keep on faggin' it up (I can keep my tampons and astroglide in there just in case).

I am thinking real hard about going to FurFright since it's closer to where I live now, I just have to be able to avoid skipping work and it should be no prob. I am interested to see just what a 'wez skin' looks like.. My weekends are fucked up until the end of August but yea you should definitely come and drink some beers w/ us and whatnot, it'll be a hoot.
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