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I got up at 4 this morning to catch (barely) a flight at 6 to Houston to go to a swordfighting class. I went, it was a good class. I broke one of my wasters doing sword-vs-spear stuff. I had some extra time before my flight back, so I went and ate some Vietnamese food and bought some miso paste, then went and bought some jeans and a pair of cowboy boots at the boot store. I lived in TX for 5 years and never bought a pair, and now that I am in MD I did. They are snazzy and I wore them back as my workout shoes (and everything in the bag I brought) were soaking with sweat. My flight back was a breeze as I had the whole row to myself, and I watched 'Amelie' on my laptop. I have 3 more of these 6-hour flight/days to go.

I got some good pictures from Cougar from AC, I am actually fucking laughing in one or two, it's like pictures of bigfoot. I'll get my own developed and then scan a few maybe.
Tags: anthrocon, swordfighting, travel

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