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"He's learning Japanese.... and he's getting pretty good at it."

This year was somewhat of an anti-AC in that I did things that I don't usually do, or even never do, at this con, and I didn't do things that have become the norm for me. I really enjoyed the convention for what it was. Despite the drive back taking 3 hours longer than it should, it beat the hell out of flying.

I think that every AC I go to I end up becoming more and more alienated from people that I used to chat with or email or whatnot, which is kind of sad, but maybe it doesn't matter because I don't know them very well and they could be into all manner of degenerate behavior by now, and it may be the looks I give off that sort of radiate intolerance or disapproval. I think next year I will try to be much more friendly and less of a jerk. There were probably several people on my LJ friends list who went, but I didn't make an attempt to find them or say howdy or anything. I might do that next year, it might make the convention a little more dimensional. One night some kid (I guess he was 16?) came up to me after the masquerade and out of the blue started talking about how he was so happy that he got to be in some skit and wear these paper ears that he colored himself and how they matched his char portrait someone made for him and he put it on his phone wallpaper, etc etc. as if I actually knew him, and I responded with a little enthusiasm and he was beaming and then he wandered off with his friend and I went back to telling Cougar how much I hated everyone and grind grind groan. After the con I thought about it and how I (maybe, sort of) used to have that kind of enthusiasm or interest and might actually be like that instead of deride it.

Well shit, regardless of that speech, I did have a great time and really enjoyed myself overall. If anyone took pictures of me, let me see them svp.

PS. I was very disappointed that nobody dressed up as a 'convention ghost' in the parade; it would have been pretty clever.
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